SEN "Special Education Needs" kurz pro učitele Erasmus+

SEN "Special Education Needs" kurz pro učitele Erasmus+
This highly interactive and practical course, aimed at professionals working with SEN learners or in an inclusive setting, focuses on best pratice and positive approaches. It provides a solid understanding of the strengths, needs and challenges of learners with condtions such as ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other SpLDs, and explores a range of classroom ativites, strategies and digital tools that facilitate both the teaching and learning process. Paticipants need to be at a minimum B1 level of English.
Termíny: 15-19 May, 29 May –02 June, 24-28 July, 25-29 Sep, 06-10 Nov 2023 
ALBION zašle detailní popis kurzu a nabídku: Dolejší 608 111 599,