Sprachcaffe Malta - sleva 500 Kč za každý týden

Objednejte si nejpozději 15.03.2021 jazykový kurz ve škole Sprachcaffe a získejte SLEVU 500 Kč / za týden! Nabídka platí pro kurzy pro dospělé: Malta.
Více o škole ZDE
PCR test – there are always two options in Malta. One is the public test and it’s free of charge. It’s possible to book an appointment but the results might take some time. The second option is to take a private test. It costs 140 EUR and the results are available within a few hours only. Both options are easy to organise as such. We’ve organised both from my office many times for our students, so your clients will have the full support from me here. ;)